Tips on how to get AdSense approval fast

Starting a website or blog is one thing, monetizing it is another thing. If you have committed a lot of money, resource and time to blogging, you sure want your hustle to pay right. Are you about to quit because you have no means of monetization, well here’s good news. Google AdSense is here to do that for you.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisement network owned by Google that pay users on monthly basis for serving ads on their websites or blogs.

Now you may ask what are ads, ads are short for advertisement. What you do is register and become a part of any advertisement network, you display ads on your website and generate income from your site.

There are many ad networks everywhere, but I am going to be discussing only about AdSense. As stated above, AdSense gives you contextual ads, native ads, pop ups, display ads, article feeds and so on. These are advertising codes generate by partnering companies, angencies or services that are paying for them,so you get paid for ads that you display on your site.

Now getting AdSense approval can be very difficult, because they just not accept any site, especially ones that does not meet their guidelines. AdSense cannot accept sites that do not have a hosting, that is if your site is a site, then you can never be approved. Also if your contains adult content, copied content, that is if you are a copy and paste blogger. In general, AdSense approved sites that are original.

Now let’s get down to how you can get AdSense approval like this site

First get a custom domain for your blog/website

Then install the following plugins; About me plugin: a about me plugin displays information about you as a site owner or blogger. This tells AdSense that you are not a robot but a living human.

GDPR cookie law plugin: this plugin adds the EU cookie compliance law on your site as AdSense does not accept sites that are not in compliance with such laws.

Contact me plugin: be sure to have a contact page or install a contact me plugin to enable your users reach you. AdSense will not accept you if contact me is missing on your site.

Next, be sure to have enough content on your site, at least 50 articles. It will enable AdSense scan your site properly and know what ads you are going to display for customers.

Make sure your content is original enough, don’t copy and paste always,at least let copied content constitute only 20% of your site.

Lastly check if your site meets with those AdSense account, because they just don’t accept any site. Here I mean your site niche

Some niches AdSense accept fast include:

News blogs






How to make money

Relationship and dating tips

Business sites, if your site is for your business or company

They may approve health blogs, but am not certain about it.

That’s simply all to do to get fast AdSense approval

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