Never use your phone when charging to avoid this

Mobile phones are now part of our daily lives and some people are addicted to their smartphones.

But in as much as you are glued to your smartphone, never get to the point of using your smartphone when it is charging.

Smartphones have radiations they give off, and the power source where they are plugged adds to these radiations, coupled with inferior chargers everywhere now.

This is a major case reported recently of a young man that got electrocuted while using his charging mobile.

The body of a young man was found with his index finger used for swiping the screen fallen off after being burnt.

Thirawat Kheunsungneon, 22, whose body was found lying on his mattress with his left hand clutching his mobile while charging.

The young man was supposed to meet his mum on Monday evening, but she became concerned when he failed to turn up at the market in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand.

When Duangdeun was unable to contact Thirawat, she went to his apartment, where she received no response despite knocking on the door several times.

The worried mum forced the door open and was horrified to find Thirawat’s body, which had been flung onto the floor by the force of the electric shock.

He was holding an extension cable in his left hand, with the black smartphone plugged in with a USB charger, and the mains cable was trailing across his body.

His right index finger had been burnt and the end had fallen off.

My son was addicted to playing on his phone. He used it too much but he did not listen to me when I told him to stop.Victim’s mum, Duangdeun

Duangdeun then pulled out the wire to disconnect the power before reporting his death to the police.

She said: “It was unusual for him not to arrive at the the vegetable shop to help us work. I was worried he was sick or something, so I thought I should check on him.

“I saw the lights in his room were on; I was sure he was there but he didn’t open the door. So, I had to break in and saw him lying with the wire cable on his body.

“At that moment, I didn’t know that he was already dead until I got closer.

”My son was addicted to playing on his phone.

“He used it too much but he did not listen to me when I told him to stop.”

Investigators from Pakchong police station and officers from Sawang rescue foundation arrived and began examining his body.


They said it appeared that Thirawat had died from electrocution between three and five hours before the discovery of his body.

Lieutenant Colonel Phanom Singhasettakit told reporters that Thirawat’s mother said he often played games on his phone.

He explained: ”From the initial examination of the scene we believe the young victim was electrocuted.

“[Thirawat] was holding his phone and our conclusion is that the fault was due to to him using the phone while charging it.

“This can cause the phone to overheat and short circuit.

”The relatives of the deceased said that he often used the phone to play games or listen to music. We believe this is the explanation for how he died.”

Police had searched the room for more evidence and had ruled out foul play, he added.

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