2019 iPhone Features, Releases

Expecting rumours, release date, price and specs of iPhone XI

We expect three new releases of the iPhone by September 2019 coming with different screen sizes, and their on-sale date will be announced a few weeks later.

Since Apple has not talked about smartphones for quite a long while now, we are not quite looking forward to any iPhone news on 3rd June at the WWDC 2019, despite that both apple iPhone 3G/3GS were unveiled there.

Let us look at some of the new changes coming to iPhones

Triple lens camera : We have seen the era of twin lens cameras which are gradually phasing out. Some of the triple lens cameras on iPhone are coming in square design, others horizontally. In an earlier report on February 2019, Apple analyst Ming-Ching Kuo confirmed this in an investor report. Also Largan Precision, which makes iPhone lenses remains optimistic about adopting 3-lens module for smartphone models.

Notch screens:

Rumours are pouring in that the notch screens on iPhone may get smaller or even go out completely. This is so because back in Jan 2018, Apple was looking into consideration of a face recognition module which allows for shrinking of the notch.

Waterproof lightning port: Apple may be changing the design of the lightning port. Since Apple has become more and more water proof over the years, it has always been difficult with the existence of the charging port; you cannot use a smartphone underwater with an accessory connected.

The USB Type C: Apple is considering switching to USB Type C from 2019. Adopting the USB-C will accelerate the adoption of the new interface throughout the industry.

Some of the new features coming to the iPhone include

Low blood sugar detection: Apple is looking at technology that can enable iPhones smell odours that would detect if someone is suffering low blood sugar

Bilateral Charging

Apple’s very own Processor chips

Face ID

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